Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Makeup of the Day

This eyeshadow, so hot right now.

Accessory of the Day

For your inner nerd, Taped Glasses thanks to Kitty Klan.

Clothing of the Day

I don't know exactly why this is so cool, it just is.

Sim of the Day

Just in case the real thing didn't scare you enough,

Cossmos has immortalised him forever.
You will need PeggyG credits to download this.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Clothing of the Day

I heart you Modern_Sims!

Lot of the Day

A little something by me ( shameless self promotion, tick)

Hair of the day

I love loose curls.
This is a default replacement hair.

Sim of the Day

All I have to say is what a hunk!
Thanks to adybatch find Brad Pitt here

Pattern of the day

I thought I would start with a little something by one of my favorite creators APPLE @ TSR
I have many, many Apple creations in my game and every single one is flawless.
Im loving this 'Frame it' wallpaper as a feature wall, and it comes with two recolourable palettes so I have been mixing it up with greens and whites and creamy whites on white.
Welcome to The Sims 3 Daily Download!
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