Friday, August 21, 2009

Creator Profile

Seeing as it is Friday I thought I would do something a little different for you, a profile on a GREAT Custom Content Creator!
For me the love affair started with those four gorgeous patterns you see at the top from the Pop Hall and In Style collections! They were among my first downloads and they are something I still use regularly today. They recolour perfectly to any shade you like even the whitest whites.
The next thing to come from Apple was the Ikea Collection a funky collection of some great Ikea classics. Then was the Retro Elegance collection, some of which you can see above. These I LOVE because you can colour them to be contemporary or classic! But one of my favorite patterns so far from Apple is Classy 1 also shown above in the limey yellow!
Apple is such a talented creator he has also made some amazing modern clothes! And there are some amazing Lots to download from his mini site too!
I heart you APPLE!
How talented can one person be? Find out here.

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